RWPod Кафе 10: Dávid

Добрый день уважаемые слушатели. В гостях RWpod Cafe сегодня Dávid Halász:

  • We know that you are an active Ruby community member, participating and presenting on many conferences. (Minsk), Ruby Unconf (Hamburg), Ruby Wine (Moldova). Are we missing some more? What have you learned on these conferences? Any favorites?

  • What other conferences except for Ruby do you visit?

  • You seem to be an active traveler. What countries have been to this year?

  • How do you manage such a working/travelling mode? Do you have any lifehacks to share?

  • According to github you are working on tree projects. Taking into account your traveling and speaker’s schedule, how in the world do you manage this?!

  • Your most popular project is the library for traffic smuggling through HTTP (Purr). Any plans to extend and evolve it?

  • You have recently been promoted to Senior Software Engineer, congratulations!, what has changed for you since then? Can you share your working stories, what are you working on at present?

  • At RubyC you are presenting talk named “How to hijack, proxy and smuggle sockets with Rack/Ruby”. What is story behind this talk? Why did you choose it? What pains does it help to solve?

  • One last “reading” question. What is new on your list?

  • Web page

  • Github

  • Twitter

  • Purr

  • RubyC 2019